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Dear visitors, we are glad to welcome you on the official site Healthcare institution «Goretsky central regional hospital»!

Ours adres: mogilevsky Region, Gorky’s city , st. of Kirov, 16

Phone / fax: 8-(02233)-5-95-76

The healthcare institution «Goretsky central hospital» in 2013 provided medical care to Gorecki’s population of the area numbering 45029 inhabitants. The structure of bed fund is presented to 290 beds by stationary offices: the surgical – 55 beds, therapeutic –65 beds, nephrological beds-3, children’s – 24 beds, gynecologic – 29 beds, resuscitation анестезиологическое – 6 beds, office of rehabilitation – 27 beds, neurologic – 25 beds, infectious – 20 beds, maternity-15 beds; and 2 local hospitals: Lyubizhsky UB on 18 (13terapevticheskikh and 5 beds of sisterly leaving) beds, Maslakovsky UB of-16 beds (11terapevticheskikh and 5 beds of sisterly leaving).

Primary medical and sanitary help to Gorecki’s population of the area is given by the central district clinic with power at 486 visits per shift, 2 local hospitals: Lyubizhsky UB with out-patient clinic of the general practitioner with a power at 17 visits, Maslakovsky UB, power of out-patient clinic in change — 37, the 28 visits per shift Lenin AVOP, Koptevsky AVOP on 36 visits, Mountain VA on 54 visits; stomatologic policlinic on 162 visits per shift.

In healthcare institution «Goretsky central regional hospital» for service the population Gorecki and Dribinsky of areas interdistrict offices are maternity, infectious and office of medical rehabilitation, interdistrict office of a hemodialysis on 4 beds, the interdistrict center of endovideokhirurgichesky treatment, interdistrict stomatologic policlinic. In district clinic the interdistrict cardiological office, a psychotherapeutic office functions.

The material base of Goretsky central regional hospital allows to carry out the protocols and standards of inspections and treatments corresponding to the regional level of delivery of health care. From tool methods are used: FGDS, a kolonoskopiya, a bronkhoskopiya, a rektoromanoskopiya, a tsistoskopiya, a kolposkopiya, hysteroscopy, an oftalmoskopiya, an audiometriya, research of a vestibular mechanism, KTG of a fruit, ultrasonography (an abdominal cavity, cardiovascular system, a small pelvis, a thyroid gland, mammary glands, a prostate gland, vessels), an electrocardiogram, VEM, the spirography, an electrocardiogram with use of remote communication channels, RVG of the top and lower extremities, measurement of the central haemo dynamics, the ECHO — EG, REG, holterovsky monitoring, daily monitoring the arterial pressure , radiological researches (including a stomach and intestines), fluorographic inspection, measurement of anthropometrical data, manual and stanovy dynamometry. The clinic – diagnostic laboratory is equipped with 2 automatic analyzers for performance of the general blood test in 30 parameters and in 8 parameters for urgent blood test, the analyzer for performance of biochemical blood test in 40 parameters, the immunofermental analyzer for immunological researches on 24 parameters. In laboratory microbiological researches on 20 parameters are conducted.

At us you can get advice of experts:

· doctor-obstetrician-gynecologist

· doctor-endocrinologist

· traumatologist

· the doctor – the geriatrician

· cardiologist

· ophthalmologist

· neurologist

· doctor-phthisiatrician

· otorhinolaryngologist

· doctor-urologist

· oncologist

· doctor-surgeon

· therapist

· dermatovenereologist

· psychiatrist expert in narcology

· pediatrician

· infectiologist

· doctor-reabilitologa

· doctor of LFK,

You can pass the following laboratory inspection in district clinic:

blood test
biochemical blood test
blood test on sugar
analysis of urine, analysis calla
definition of a blood type and Rhesus factor
research of hormones of a thyroid gland
definition of prostates — a specific anti-gene
blood test on HIV
blood test on syphilis
bacteriological inspection on STD
laboratory diagnosis of gonorrhea, clamidiosis, bacterial vaginosis, mikoureaplazmoz
IFA-diagnosis of syphilis
IFA-diagnosis of clamidiosis
bakterioskopichesky method of diagnostics of a kriptosporidioz

In district stomatologic clinic appear:

• professional hygiene;

• treatment of teeth on new technologies, restoration of teeth svetootverzhdayushchy nanocomposites;

• restoration of teeth fiber glass pins;

• prosthetics: metal ceramics, metalplastic, cast designs, byugelny prosthetics;

• modern anesthetics;

• use of a digital X-ray analysis;

• use of a panoramic X-ray analysis;

• service on system anti-AIDS and anti-hepatitis.

In policlinic reasonable prices, possibility of the cash and clearing settlement, the shortest time of treatment of teeth and production of artificial limbs are established.
Doctors of hospital in medical and diagnostic process are guided by the protocols and the developed standards of treatment approved by Ministry of Health of Republic of Belarus.

In the area the program and target approach on coordination of activity of structures, services and departments directed on carrying out nation-wide and regional programs and actions for improvement of assistance to pregnant women, women in labor and children, decrease in perinatal, infantile and maternal mortality, for work with socially — dysfunctional families is actively used.

In healthcare institution «Goretsky central regional hospital» phones of «the hot line» 5-95-76, 7-01-73, 7-01-62, 5-36-93 work.

Contact phones for obtaining references and consultations on off-budget activity and paid services:
8 (02233) 5-95-94, 5-47-17.